‘Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location’ DLC Release Date, News and Updates: December 1 ‘Custom Night’ DLC release on Steam Confirmed

By Abigail Briones , Updated Dec 02, 2016 02:56 PM EST

"Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location" creator Scott Cawthon announced earlier in the week that a "Custom Night" DLC will be dropped pretty soon. In fact that release is happening today. It will release as a Steam download. Fans are going to get the expected new action and challenges added with this non-canon release which can only be unlocked upon reaching the three-star level required.

This means that the update will only appear in the Extras menu of "FNAF Sister Location" game once that level has been reached. Players are not charged for the download, but they have to sweat out and survive, experience the Fake Ending pitting hard against Ennard and winning before getting the prize, with the "Custom Night" update unlocking.

A teaser video on the upcoming DLC was released earlier, giving "FNAF: Sister Location" fans a tiny idea of what it is they can expect from the free update. Although not much detail was given away, the prominent featuring of Funtime Freddy's return, wreaking havoc in the Secret Room, gives the game enthusiasts an inkling on the traditional directions the "Custom Night" gameplay is going.

This is an unexpected turn, with some players hoping for teasers to clue them in on the main game, but Cawthon already mentioned that this update does not intend to "screw up the entire plotline." So, while main "FNAF: Sister Location" game is wont to bringing in new ideas, the additional patch is taking players down the old alley.

The patch does give "FNAF: Sister Location" some new activities for players to get busy about while upping the survival challenge by adjusting the difficulty settings for the animatronics. "Custom Night" plays on "Story Mode" and can be restarted and played again and again.

Another surprising point is that Funtime Freddy and his gang do not quite end in their expected forms and are unable to change back to those. A report surmises that it is possible "Five Nights at Freddy's" developer Cawthon may have put in some "surprise endings" in the "Sister Location" DLC wherein a player may be awarded some lore clues when surpassing the toughest level.

The video teaser also featured the animatronics Bidybab, and Bonnie puppet, but may even include Baby, Ballora, and Funtime Foxy. Their inclusion of the first two in the "Custom Night" DLC for "Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location" was uncovered some weeks ago when voice actor casting pointed to fresh dialogue for the characters.

No one knows for sure all that "Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location" mastermind Cawthon has in store for the game enthusiasts with "Custom Night" DLC without getting reaching the level required. However, one thing is given: for those who strive to take the challenge, thrill, excitement, and discovery are sure to follow.

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