Samsung Gear S3 Review: Classic And Frontier Model: Which Smartwatch Should You Buy? Gear S3 Best Smartwatch For Travellers? More Specs Revealed!

By AASalvador , Updated Dec 02, 2016 10:07 AM EST

Samsung is continually updating and expanding their smartwatch lineup and the Samsung Gear S3 is well ahead of most of its Android Wear brothers. For those who thinks they do not need a smartwatch, Samsung has done a good job in making their case matter.

Samsung Gear S3: The Classic And The Frontier

Samsung Gear S3 has two models, Classic and Frontier, and the difference between the two is quite subtle. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is suitable for outdoors as it has a sportier design. It is heavier by 5 grams and it has a rugged silicone strap. For Android users who want a 3G/LTE capability, Samsung Gear S3 is the only way to go. It works with AT&T and T-Mobile's networks.

The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier comes with a little hefty price tag of $350, but critics think that it is worth it. It has a stainless steel and is waterproof with an IP68 rating which means the wearer can use it underwater for up to one meter deep for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Gear S3 Classic resembles like the Gear S2 Classic. It has a larger head of more than 46mm and looks like a little bit more out of place for smaller wrists.

Samsung Gear S3: A Traveller's Bestfriend?

The South Korean company has recently tied up their Samsung Gear S3 with "Lonely Planet" for a new app that travellers will surely love. The downloadable app will give tips and guides and even top travel destinations.

The app in Samsung Gear S3 will cover, for now, 50 cities across the world. It will how relevant route directions and places of interest that most travellers would like to visit.

Have you decided which Samsung Gear S3 model to buy? What are your best experiences with Samsung's smartwatch? Tell us what you think and do not forget to stay tuned to GamenGuide.

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