Dark Knight Rumors: Fan Theory To Change The Outlook Of People On The Joker

By Florence Maxino , Updated Dec 02, 2016 06:26 AM EST

Despite the date of the release, Christopher Nolan's the Dark Knight has been a fan and viewer favorite. People still talk praises about the iconic version of the Joker done by Heath Ledger. There is a theory going around that the Joker is not actually the REAL villain in the franchise.

DC Comics has one of the biggest fanbases in the whole fandom universe. It is no surprise that there are a lot of fan theories about each and every character in this vast interlinked storyline. However, one of the favorite posts where even the most hardcore fans give a double take is that of Reddit user Generalzee. He theorized that in the Nolanverse (a term coined for the movie version of the Cape Crusader made by director Christopher Nolan) version of the Batman, the Joker is not the villain but the ULTIMATE hero.

According to Generalzee, the Joker has done a better job at defeating the increasing crime rate in Gotham City than the Dark Knight has ever had. The quote about being "the hero that Gotham needs" is in fact more applicable to the Joker than Batman. This fan theory of course has opened a huge amount of debates between those who are loyally praising our vigilante hero. They state that there is no way that the Joker can be considered as the hero as there are countless of times that he has done a lot of inhumane acts fit for nightmares beyond imagination.

To counter the said comments against the fan theory, Generalzee stated that the Batman is not any more sane than the Joker. Instead of using the funds to help the police, he spent a lot on his costumes and gadgets. He also added that the Dark Knight does not have any ounce of respect for privacy due to his surveillance system.

But how does the Joker come to play in this? Well, the fan theory says that his actions to rid and just to be a menace to Batman has in fact help lessen the criminals. He has attacked, murdered, and wiped out a good number of these baddies more than the Dark Knight (who vows not to kill the criminals) ever have. There may be a lot of loopholes, but to this very day, the theory still continues to stand despite different versions of the Batman tale.

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