'Marvel vs Capcom 4' Latest News and Updates: 'Marvel vs Capcom 4' Release Date Leaked? Here's What We Know So Far

By Kevin Panganiban , Updated Dec 02, 2016 09:52 AM EST

"Marvel vs Capcom" has been an all-time favorite by most fighting fans, and people are thrilled about "Marvel vs Capcom 4's" official release date. Assuming the speculations are true, the producers of the game might just reveal its official release later this weekend. 

Avid fans have been wondering about "Marvel vs Capcom 4's" release for several months. It's quite clear that the demand for its release is long overdue, as fans may say. But its producers didn't want to go through the same experience that they had with "Street Fighter V" and Capcom, PVPLive reported. 

While there had been no indication of the game development's progress, most fans are very much skeptical about its first quarter release. Since crossover titles such as "Marvel vs Capcom 4" have an extensive cast, it means that it would demand longer time to create its content and gameplay.

It would be more practical for "Marvel vs Capcom 4" to be released in Spring, especially if Capcom would like to see the game presented at the next EVO. April would be a good month to do its release, as this gives the gaming community enough time to adjust to the new meta, as well as develop its strategies to create and be prepared for the tournaments.

Now, there is a slight chance that "Marvel vs Capcom 4" won't be released until later in the year. If the game is still early in development, then there's a better chance that the title would be released in the Fall of 2017.

According to Gadgets 360, White Polygon claims that the game might be released in 2017, as it would be much easier to narrow it down. Since "Resident Evil 7" will be released on January 24, chances are that "Marvel vs Capcom 4" will be out in the market in the second quarter of the year.

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