Batman Arkham City News And Updates: Sequel To Feature Robin, Penguin and Nemesis System, Details Revealed

By zekiah , Updated Dec 04, 2016 06:57 AM EST

It looks like Batman will be making another appearance in the Arkham video game universe in a sequel to his last game Batman Arkham Knight. This time however, it seems that his son Damien Wayne will be up to the task of being Gotham's guardian according to a tweet from Kotaku's Jason Schreier.

"I'm a man of my word. This is all one source so take w/ grain of salt: Damian Wayne, Nemesis system, trailer that ends on Penguin" tweeted Jason Schreier. Based on his tweet, the next Batman Arkham game will in fact feature Damian Wayne whose antagonist will be the Penguin. Jason Schrier said that new Batman Arkham City game was supposed to be revealed at The Game Awards but later admitted his mistake. He then said the new Batman Arkham game will be revealed early December since that was what his source told him.

For those unfamiliar, Damien Wayne is the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. Damien would later become Robin, Batman's sidekick. It's not clear from the tweet whether Robin would be the primary playable character for the next Batman Arkham game. But WB Montreal would be taking a huge risk in replacing Batman with Robin as the lead. Batman is still undeniably more popular than Robin.

The Nemesis System was first introduced in Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and was considered an innovative feature at that time. The Nemesis gives the specific enemy that defeated the player a promotion in rank and abilities. Whenever the player comes close to that enemy, that enemy will also taunt the player boasting how the player was humiliated in their last encounter. The Nemesis system gives the player a rival in the game creating their own unique stories. It will be interesting how the new Batman Arkham game will apply this concept within Gotham.

In other news, a new Batman Arkham game is not the only DC game from WB Montreal. A rumor also suggests that a Suicide Squad game is also in development to coincide with the recent popularity of the recent Suicide Squad Movie.

Given WB Montreal's last game was the divisive Batman: Akham Origins, the studio has the opportunity to improve from their last game. While Batman: Akrham Origins was a good game, it still doesn't stand up to Rocksteddy's Batman Arkham games. Now WB Montreal has a chance to carve their own name in Batman's legacy.

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