Bayonetta anime, Bloody Fate, gets its first trailer

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Sep 23, 2013 11:14 AM EDT

You know how it works. Game based title gets anime movie, and / or anime based movie gets its own game. Case in point, with a sequel already in development as a Wii U exclusive, Platinum Games standout title Bayonetta is getting a movie all its own, dubbed, "Bayonetta: Bloody Fate."

The movie's getting a cinema release in Japan, but that's it. If you're anywhere else, better be patient, because you'll have to wait until the hair-leather clad witch can make it to DVD or a streaming service before you can watch her in action, dual pistols n' all.

It's an adaptation of the first game, so if you plan on getting Bayonetta 2, but never bothered to play the original title, this could serve as a nice method for catching up. Game characters Jean, Luka, Cereza, Rodin and Enzo will appear alongside the Palin-esque witch.

The movie is not yet rated, but considering the trailer and the source material, expect a the usual amount of Bayo-violence, and over-the-top, visceral action. As such, it should translate over to the silver screen fairly well.

The movie is being created by the anime studio Gonzo, a studio responsible for animes such as Hellsing, Rosario + Vampire, and Trinity Blood. This will be the first time a Bayonetta product will have its characters voiced in Japanese. The games they have only ever been dubbed in English.

The film will be directed by Afro Samurai's Fuminori Kizaki.

The game-based movie was announced this year's Tokyo Game Show earlier this month. But once it's out, make sure you enjoy it. Outside of a possible spin-off, it looks like this and the game sequel will be the end of the franchise.

 thinks the evidently short series will close with the Wii U exclusive.

Speaking with 4Gamers, series creator Hideki Kamiya said, "Above all, I want to make games that are fun. This is the most important thing for me. So next to new IP's, I also like to make sequels." There's the rub. While other developers, in Kamiyai's words, would "only make a third game because the fans want it," he's keener on creating new, wholly original titles.

"With the first title of a new franchise, there are so many good ideas, so many things you want to do. Unfortunately, you can't use all of them in the game. In the sequel, you can use cancelled ideas from the first game. I do have the feeling most of those ideas are used when you reach the third game though and that developers."

"That's why I don't really see a Bayonetta 3 happening in the future. I am fortunate that I am able to create many games from scratch."

Have a peek at the trailer below. The movie hits Japan in November later this fall.

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