'Paragon' News & Update: Twin Blast’s Remake; Every Three Week Update Policy

By Ralphy Bonn Sim , Updated Dec 05, 2016 05:00 AM EST

One of the latest heroes is "Twin Blast." The Paragon developers wanted to take the opportunity to fix the core issues preventing him from being as successful as desired. Additionally, they have updated their affinities for both "Fury and Growth."

Twin blast will be the last Hero to release this 2016. The team has been cranking around the clock to release the "Monolith Update" as soon as possible. The entire "Epic Games" team is taking some time off toward the end of the month to rest; recharge, and come back ready to go in the New Year. Their goal remains: work with you to make Paragon the most immersive and competitive MOBA out there and next year has a lot in store.

"Paragon" have claimed to continue their regular #Every3Weeks Hero update starting on Jan. 10 2017 with the release of our next new Hero, named Serath. Which Serath has wings, a mace and deadly characteristics? Before that, Twin Blast has its unique update. Here are the following:

Rapid Fire (RMB/R1) - "Twin Blast's Paragon" rapidly shoots his Basic Attack three times, dealing a percentage of his damage to minions with each shot. Enemy Heroes will take a reduced amount of damage from the attack. This attack can Critically Hit and apply all other on-hit effects typical to his Basic Attack.

Rocket Dash (E/Circle) - "Twin Blast's Paragon" briefly ignites his evasion thrusters, rapidly propelling him in the direction he is facing. Ventilate (R/Triangle) - "Twin Blast's Paragon" converts his guns into fully automatic mode, unleashing a barrage of bullets at an extended range for a short time. This is a channeled ability, which means it can be interrupted by Hard Crowd Control (Stuns, Pulls, etc.).

Grenade! (Q/Square) - "Twin Blast's Paragon" fires a grenade to a target location. After a short time, the grenade explodes, dealing damage in an area. The grenades have three charges, refreshing on a short cool down.

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