'Street Fighter V' Characters Speculated To Get Balance Changes In An Upcoming Update

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 05, 2016 05:08 AM EST

Character balance changes and software patches are what keep a fighting game competitive. Glitches and bugs that can give a certain character an overwhelming advantage against others can sometimes break a game. Fans are expecting some balance tweaks for "Street Fighter V" together with the Akuma DLC on Dec. 20,2016.

After the release of "Street Fighter V," players have pointed out certain balance issues within the game. Although it not game-breaking, fans have requested for buffs or nerfs for specific characters. EventHubs claims that the players who have tried the latest "Playstation Experience 2016" build, also reported that they noticed changes with some of the characters. The character changes detailed have not yet been finalized by Capcom.

"Street Fighter V" "PSX 2016" build reported changes

Players claim that non-meter wake up dragon punch attacks are losing to meaty attacks, while mid-screen throws do not put players in an advantage after executing the move. Alex can perform a combo from his crouching LP into an LP flash chop, and can also combo from a forward HP to a standing MP then LP flash chop.

Balrog's "Upper Screw" can be executed via dragon punch motion and seems to have a lower damage output from his EX rush attacks. Cammy apparently got all her dive kicks nerfed, except when she has "V-Trigger" activated and her "V-Reversal" does not cause a knockdown.

Chun-Li players can now mash the kick buttons for her "Lightning Legs" attack, but can still use the original QCF input. Her instant air "Lightning Legs" does not give her frame advantage of block. Additionally, her fireball attack has more recovery and she can now cancel special attacks into her "V-Trigger."

Dhalsim was give some buffs to probably offset his low health. He has noticeably faster startups on some of his attacks, his standing HP gets a "Crush Counter" and he can super-cancel some of his far-reaching normal attacks. F.A.N.G's moves no longer require a charge time when he has "V-Trigger" active.

Karin's "V-Reversal" sends an opponent away full screen and she gets an airborne target combo. M. Bison gets a speed increase on some of his attacks and special moves. Necalli inflicts lesser damage during some of his combos.

R. Mika's "Irish Whip" attack cannot change direction anymore and requires opponents to be in the corner for the wall-bounce effect. Ryu has slower startup on some of his moves. Zangief's lariat attack reach further against crouching players.

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