'Nier Automata' Release Date Announced For PS4 Playable In The West, PC Version Release On Later Date?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 05, 2016 07:06 AM EST

"Nier Automata" is coming soon and players who just love hack-and-slash games cannot wait to open their savings just for this game. Aside from that, this game will feature a new story that will revolve around machines created from another unknown world. Elements from "Final Fantasy XV" can be seen here because players can customize their skills depending on what they want to level up first.

Now, along with the release of "Final Fantasy XV," players of that game will have a flashback to this game because of the similar elements, yet different and unique gameplay. The PlayStation 4 console release date is already announced but fans are still baffled because there was no exact date of the release for the PC version yet.

The unannounced release for PC version of the game

"Nier Automata" already sets its date for 2017 and on the March 7. However, this is only for the PS4 version and people are also expecting the game on Steam. For PC users, it is fundamental that this game is released because they do not have to buy the console itself but just the game.

Based on the post from Eurogamer, the game may have a release date for the west, which is set on March next year. Now, the PC version is not yet mentioned but will always be expected within the same year of 2017.

The elements are the same but different gameplay

"Nier Automata" is another version of the older Nier series but this one packs entirely about everything with item gathering, which is used to upgrade your skills or make useful items, or going through the story that revolves around the mysterious machines with unknown origin that took over the world. The other characters that can be seen in the game are from "Metal Gear Rising: Revengence."

Lastly, players would surely expect the PC version, which is expected to be near the announced released for the PS4 version. For more "Nier Automata" updates, stay tuned for more.

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