‘Nex Machina’ Release Date, Gameplay, News & Update: Creators Of ‘Resogun’ Return With Intense New Shooter Game In PSX 2016 Reveal

By Arianne Gift , Updated Dec 05, 2016 07:37 AM EST

Finnish developers Housemarque, whose projects include "Resogun" and "Dead Nation," are back with a new game that highlights quite the futuristic vibrancy and upbeat take on what a shooter game should be. Up in line is "Nex Machina," created in collaboration with Smash TV's Eugene Jarvis.

What Is "Nex Machina?"

"Nex Machina" is Housemarque's first self-published game. Over the past two decades however, the company has partnered with Activision, Sony, Take-Two, and Ubisoft to release its games.

The premise for "Nex Machina" isn't exactly all-new; in fact, it's quite Hollywood-esque. The old AI vs. Humanity is the point of it all here and to emerge triumphant, battling a swarm of robots attempting to claim supremacy is to become your ultimate duty.

Judging from the announcement trailer revealed at the PlayStation Experience 2016, "Nex Machina" has bullet hell and slight melee combat elements, on top of its reflex-based shooting. Speaking to Engadget, the devs purportedly incorporated "Robotron: 2048's" core elements in "Nex Machina."

"Nex Machina" Gameplay

"We're largely inspired by 'Robotron,'" said lead designer Harry Krueger, who previously led programming on 'Resogun.' "[But] we don't want to just copy it -- we want to capture a bit of its magic." "Nex Machina" tasks players with annihilating enemy hordes room after room while saving humans.

Meanwhile, Jarvis is credited as "Nex Machina's" creative consultant. He has offered his insights and guidance to Housemarque, which you can clearly see in the announcement trailer. There are also reports saying that Housemarque want to make "Nex Machina" an arcade game, complete with its own cabinet, hence Jarvis.

Full details are available at the Housemarque official website, although there is no official release date yet. "Nex Machina" has not been given a release window as well, but what's sure as of the moment is that will be available for PS4 when it launches some time next year.

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