Amy Schumer Latest News & Update: 'Trainwreck' Actress, Tapped to Play as Barbie in a Live-action Film

By Rose Valencia , Updated Dec 05, 2016 11:50 PM EST

Amy Schumer is going to play a real-life Barbie for Sony Pictures where The PG-rated action film is set to debut worldwide in 2018 with the "Trainwreck" actress doing the lead role as the beloved Barbie doll. Amy Schumer may not be the first actress in your list for a Barbie role but she’s been chosen. The actress is currently prepping up to start in a live-action Barbie Film.

The “Trainwreck” actress is currently negotiating with Sony Pictures for a PG-rated film that will feature her as a real life and ass-kicking Barbie doll. According to Deadline, the production of the film that stars Amy Schumer will probably start this coming spring and a global movie debut is set on summer of 2018.

 Amy Schumer and Her Barbie Hair
Amy Schumer and her sister, Kim Caramele, will polish the script made by Hilary Winston to imprint the "Amy Schumer” wit and sense of humor in the movie. It might be surprising that the actress is picked for the role of a well-loved doll that has an intriguing perfect (yet not humanly possible) physical body proportions.

However, aside from her blond hair that is the same as Barbie, Amy Schumer is a significant figure today for female empowerment which is the key ingredient on how the live-action Barbie film is going to roll. The film will attempt to show an evolution of Barbie dolls so that they will come into different shapes and sizes.

 Amy Schumer Inside the Barbie World
According to Deadline, the plot is about Schumer who is part of the Barbieland world where there are about 180 beloved Barbie characters. Schumer’s character will be kicked out for the obvious reason that she’s not perfect based on Barbie standards and she seems eccentric.

As an outcast to her world, Amy Schumer as Barbie sets for an adventure to the real world and, later on, go back to Barbieland to save it. The story aims to show that perfection is not about one’s physical appearance but it is about one’s character and belief.

The theme of the story is a reflection of today's society where a person is often judged based on physical appearance. In fact, according to Digital Spy, Amy Schumer has been body shamed by the so-called keyboard warriors after news of a possible Barbie role for her.

Though the plot seems simple, there’s Amy Schumer to make it look and sound more fun and interesting. Probably, this is the reason why Mattel, signed off on the production of the movie. Sony Pictures is now looking for a director and its more likely a woman.

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