'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Guide: '3 Important Things To Do When Capturing Ultra Beasts & Legendary Pokemons

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 05, 2016 09:04 AM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" contains ultra beasts that need to be captured because it is part of the quests among players. Now, some of the players around the world are already finishing the game or already finished. Defeating the Elite Four in the said game is not the end of the journey just like the older Pokemon versions before.

Now, ultra beasts and legendary Pokemon roam around the Alola region and players must prepare three things before they capture the kinds of Pokemon mentioned. Without preparing anything, players will never get these ultra beasts and legendary Pokemon.

What should players prepare before battling Pokemon

There are things and steps a player must prepare before venturing into the wild to catch these legendary and ultra beasts in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." First, players must have enough balls to catch these types of Pokemon.

By enough balls, meaning, players must have large quantities of the best balls in the game such as ultra ball and great ball. Moreover, these also include potions and healing items to lengthen duration and toughness of your Pokemon against these beings.

Save before battling and a quick reset

Furthermore, players should save before they face this Pokemon or go to an area that triggers the battle. The most common accident that always happens is accidentally killing the target Pokemon with a move. Saving can solve this problem and make sure the target Pokemon is captured.

Lastly, players can restart the game with L, R, and Start/Select buttons pressed simultaneously. This is a quick method rather than turning off the Nintendo 3DS fully-----a simple trick that many players used before. Always remember that catching is a trial and error, so make sure you save before you encounter a Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

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