'Final Fantasy XV' Latest News: Wait Mode For Players Not Suitable For Real Time Action Mode Can Be Activated

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 05, 2016 07:48 PM EST

"Final Fantasy XV" is burning hot and are the talk among fans because of the dedicated 10 years worth of making. Thus, the game bore fruits and it is indeed the best game and highest selling one compared into other games in the history. Due to the graphics and unique gameplay, the open world game tells a story, depending on where you go and on the people players talk to.

Since this game is an action-role playing game, quick thinking and reflexes are needed from players to achieve victory after battles. However, some players are having problems with this because they are used to the old turn-based system likened to the previous versions of "Final Fantasy" franchise.

How do you activate Wait Mode?

It is simple to activate Wait Mode in "Final Fantasy XV." You simply go to the options menu, then go the sub-category named Combat. Once you have reached that option,look for the sub-category Mode and change it from Action into Wait. Once the selections are done, players can go back to their game and the changes made are applied. In Wait Mode, players can pause time and have a duration where they can think and decide what to do next, including acquiring targets when fighting huge mobs of enemies.

The advantages of Wait Mode

Wait Mode is always pointed to the precision of targets and gaining the upper hand of thinking first before commencing an attack. In "Final Fantasy XV," Noctis, the main character of the game, needs to have to do a Warp Strike to restore his mana points or else he will become sluggish during battle, which is one factor of losing.

Moreover, this mode can make players target body parts precisely when encountering huge monsters and bosses. From switching characters, companions can cast spell properly compared to manual gameplay in Action Mode. Wait Mode is a sure help to those who prefer thinking before acting in battles.

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