'Rainbow Six Siege' Latest News & Update: Game Updates, Maps, Operators & More Exciting Details Unleashed! Find More Here!

By Rehn de Guia , Updated Dec 05, 2016 11:29 AM EST

Creators of "Rainbow Six Siege," Ubisoft, expressed their genuine happiness as people continuously love the said masterpiece. With these, the amazing game developers have unleashed revealing details on what to expect in its update.

'Rainbow Six Siege' Updates

Geniuses, Ubisoft, behind the "Rainbow Six Siege" have voiced out their gratitude. The brilliant team is truly grateful for the people's response in launching another chapter for their masterpiece. On their page, they expressively noted that if it wasn't for the game's avid supporters, followers, and players, there wouldn't be another release of Tom Clancy's creation.

Now, they are all excited to unveil helpful details about not only one but two chapters of the game. There are "Rainbow Six Siege" Year 2 and "Rainbow Six Siege" Year 2 Pass.

'Rainbow Six Siege' maps

"Rainbow Six Siege" will take its players to different beautiful places. Gamers will be deployed in Poland, South Korea, Spain and Hong Kong. Along with this, there will also be four road maps that players can definitely enjoy using.

'Rainbow Six Siege' operators

With four different beautiful places in the "Rainbow Six Siege" Year 2, there will be eight new operators from the brand new CTU. It has been posted on their official website what the maps look like. The said freshly baked maps follow the similar format like the previous version. Hence, for this chapter, players will have two Operators releasing in each season and one free map.

'Rainbow Six Siege' Revealing & Exciting Details Unleashed!

Last Nov. 29, the "Rainbow Six Siege" Year 2 Pass was already introduced by its creators as the Year 1 Pass ended. The first two operators are speculated to be launched in early February 2017.

The said cheat gives the players bountiful benefits. One of them is a free Obsidian Weapon when gamers upon buying the "Rainbow Six Siege" Year 2 pass. Plus, if the player owned a Year 1 Pass, a bonus of 600 R6 Credits on top of 600 credits that is also with the Year 2 Pass will be given.

One year VIP premium membership is included in Tom Clancy's "Rainbow Six Siege" Year 2 Pass. Gamers will surely enjoy and use up every benefit and explore the whole adventure that sits in the new update.

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