Nintendo News & Update: NES Classic Edition Will Be On Limited Sale This Dec. 6!

By Ralphy Bonn Sim , Updated Dec 05, 2016 06:45 PM EST

It's clear that everyone is longing to have their own "Nintendo NES Classic Edition" this holiday season and they are doing everything they can to purchase a unit. Though it is practically impossible to get one as of this time due to its stock limitation, but there are retailers that give possibilities.

This weekend, the latest shipments of "NES Nintendo Classic" will prepare for its return to selected store shelves. As usual, the quantity of consoles will be short and the lines to purchase will be prolonged. The "NES Classic Edition" console was first released last Nov. 11 and since then, the stocks of the console have been constantly emptied. Many merchants have already declared their limited units on sale, both in-store and for online.

Luckily, there is a retailer that still selling "Nintendo NES Classic" at a regular price, which Urban Outfitter. This seems to be good news, given that the retailer is focused in walk-in stores. The company Urban out Fitters announced that they have a limited inventory offer of the sought-after "NES Classic Edition" through online store on Dec. 6, available for just $59.98.

"Urban Outfitters is pleased to announce that we will be carrying a limited inventory of Nintendo's NES Classic Edition console. The highly sought-after game system will be available online at on December 6th. This product will unavailable in stores," as stated by the store representative.

"Due to the amount of systems we receive from the supplier, we will release the systems in small amounts for the foreseeable future," claimed by Kyle Stevenson, the Game Public Relations Coordinator. "Nintendo NES Classic Edition" was offered through flash sale, but became unavailable in seconds. Other stores like Amazon, Best Buy and Gamestop have no units available as well.

Urban Outfitters' offer may be the best convenient store to look for the consoles this holiday season.

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