‘Criminal Minds’ Season 12 Episode 8 Latest Spoilers, News & Update: Thomas Gibson Confirmed Coming Back? Damon Gupton Announced As Newest Character

By Brynn B. , Updated Dec 06, 2016 12:00 PM EST

It has not been easy for "Criminal Minds" Season 12 ever since one of the most-loved characters in the series, Aaron Hotchner or Hotch had to leave. But fans would be happy to know that the arrival serial killer that the BAU has battled before may mean the return of actor Thomas Gibson.

When Thomas Gibson was fired in the middle of "Criminal Minds" Season 12, all fans were shocked. He has been playing Hotch for 11 years, since the beginning of the series, but due to a physical altercation with one of the writers, Thomas Gibson was fired. But the good news is that his exit in "Criminal Minds" Season 12 meant that there is a possibility that he could return in the future.

The possibility of the return of Thomas Gibson is because a victim of Peter Lewis, aka Mr. Scratch, has surfaced. In the latest episode of "Criminal Minds" Season 12 entitled "Mirror Imaabrielge" dealt with Dr. tara Lewis (Aisha Tyler) meeting her estranged brother. But the brother, Gabriel, turned out as not only an impostor but a victim of Mr. Scratch as well.

Fans will know that Aaron Hotchner left the BAU in "Criminal Minds" Season 12 because his son, Jack, was being threatened by the serial killer. They thought that having their family under surveillance would help, but when Mr. Scratch showed up at his son's school, Hotch took drastic measures and got them under witness protection.

In the next episode of "Criminal Minds" Season 12 titled "Scarecrow", the BAU team will be dealing with a new killer, who is responsible for dozens of people dying. The killer, who wears a scarecrow mask, hence the title, will require the arrival of a new character, Stephen Walker (Damon Gupton), an experienced profiler from the FBI.

mas Do you think that Thomas Gibson could still return to "Criminal Minds" Season 12, now that the series will have Damon Gupton? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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