‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ Release Date, News & Update: Beast Machines Rule The Future Worlds

By Rhianne L. , Updated Dec 06, 2016 10:48 AM EST

In ''Horizon: Zero Dawn'', the master of the future worlds are the beasts machines. Humanity is no longer dominant and the existence of mechanical beast machines is everywhere.

''Horizon: Zero Dawn'' is an exclusive animal inspired game for PlayStation 4 System . It is set at 1000 years after but not with an end of the world setting but rather a documentary of nature as by gamespot.com

Each animal machines has its own characteristics and unique from one another, that is, identifiable apart from other machines. They occupy the majority space of the nature. Since it's a machine, there is likely chance of being overridden, so you can take advantage of their traits to help you. There are even those that are corrupted machine animals that destroy secluded villages or travelers.

Another trailer of "Horizon: Zero Dawn" is released in Tokyo Games Show where it shows many characters and environments we've never seen. It is the first time we can see a prehistoric setting before the world evolved. One thing unique about this game is that instead of living creatures, the world is full of mechanical creatures as reported by trustedreviews.com 

A little hint on how the game will turn out? It must be a combination of the pre-historic dinosaurs that existed way before humanity and the advancement of technology used to the machines that brought future to the humanity itself. So, try to take a trip to the best nature scenes with a machine like dinosaurs roaming free. "Horizon: Zero Dawn" will be available on February 28, 2017.

Grab this prehistoric game and feel free to enjoy a David vs. Goliath fight scenes with the machines.

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