'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Pokemon Gyms Prestige Gains Are Back To Normal From The Previous Update

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 06, 2016 05:16 AM EST

"Pokemon Go" updates were always coming along with new additions that make the game exciting for players. Now, Niantic Labs, the developer, and creator of the game, reverted back the Prestige gains in enemy and friendly gyms. The update was secretly patched and may be because of the issues about little gains and far away from access to enemy gyms.

Now, the gains are increased and reverted back to normal, rebalanced, and optimized for players. Gym battles are back to its incentives given to players who train and battle. Unlike before, friendly gyms take the time to strengthen and this can make players spend so much time or even a whole afternoon just to gain enough Prestige.

The discovery thanks to Silph Road

Many "Pokemon Go" players already know about SilphRoad, the dedicated group of people that always dig into the files of the said game. These group discovered the secret update and confirmed that the Prestige gains are back to normal despite the recent update about lowered and increased gains variation. In addition, this is good news to players who prefer raising their Pokemon in gyms because the increase Prestige gains will easily progress the player and fortify the gym.

Furthermore, the friendly gyms are not so bad after all because "Pokemon Go" players can train there to ready themselves in gym battles someplace else. Based on the post from Polygon, strengthening an arena or gym took time before because of the update.

Now, this reverted stats will make progress faster and fortify close at hand. Players can now train without grinding countless hours just to level up and be strong. With the new update and a secretly released one, this will surely make trainers happy. Niantic Labs, the creator, and developer, does care for the community that they built through their game and this is one quality that gives them a good reputation.

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