Pokemon Sun & Moon News & Update: Character Customization Is Available!

By Intan , Updated Dec 06, 2016 06:06 AM EST

The "Pokémon Sun and  Moon" is the new game from Nintendo which was released exclusively for the 3DS. It is full of customization possibilities, which is the seventh generation of the classic franchise. Here are the details:

Boy or Girl?

To suit the new times, "Pokémon Sun and  Moon"  has abandoned the classic initial question present in the previous chapters of the series, and is no longer restricted to "Are you a boy or a girl?." In "Pokemon Sun and Moon," instead of simply choosing the genre of the protagonist, the player chooses one of eight basic photo options to illustrate his passport and start the journey. After choosing the basic look of player's coach, you need to progress the campaign and play for a few hours until players enable new customization tools. 

What Clothes Should I Wear?

The first stop to change the appearance of player's coach in "Pokémon Sun and Moon" is the clothing store. Fortunately, there are several of them scattered throughout the Alola region. The first is found quickly. As players exit Route 1 and arrive at the Hau'oli Beachfront District.

Inside the store, players' goal is to talk to the salesgirl at the counter of "Pokémon Sun and  Moon." As she reveals what clothes are sold at the store. Stay tuned because each store has its own clothing options and different prices!

To change the trainers' look in "Pokémon Sun and  Moon"  and choose which clothes to wear, walk up to the dresser. The small room with a large mirror in the background. Choose the "Change Clothes" option and cycle through all player's items. Remember, players can rotate player's character by pressing the R and L buttons to see how each item is.

In the fitting room it is also possible to change the color of player's eyes using new lenses. To do this in "Pokémon Sun and  Moon," choose "Change color contacts." Fortunately, this service is free, so try it until player's find the most beautiful eyes. Fixing player's hair After hitting player's trainer's clothes, eyes and accessories, all you need to do is straighten out your haircut.

To do this, players need to find buildings whose facade prints the logo of a pair of scissors. The first one is immediately next to the clothing store of Hau'oli in "Pokémon Sun and  Moon," but the facility ends there. Making a new haircut costs 4,000 coins, and to make matters worse, it is not possible to preview in advance what the outcome will be. From left to right, the players see the cuts defined by the hairdresser as: Medium and layered, medium and smooth, caesar cut, long and tousled, modern quiff and braided cornrows. 

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