Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and YouTube Help Fight Online Terrorism

By Florence Maxino , Updated Dec 06, 2016 05:40 AM EST

Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and YouTube join forces with each other to help stop online terrorism. They will help identify and prevent online terrorism on their parts in the World Wide Web.

 For years, people find themselves exposed in the internet. With the emergence of technology, people of all ages can access the different sites freely. But with advantages come disadvantages and one of those is the so-called online terrorism. Online terrorism means the uploading of terrorist videos and posts and the active recruitment of these rebels.

 Together, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and YouTube plan to create a shared database so they can easily identify these culprits. The database is made so that each of these sites can take note of potential terrorist contents. Social media is the most common outlet for these terrorist groups to communicate with the masses. For years, the aforementioned sites are merely relying on their users to identify and report these online terrorists.

 As one can alter his or her identity online thus making multiple dummy accounts, it is difficult for Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and YouTube to constantly filter their content. This gives online terrorism an ace up their sleeves. In June, the three sites (excluding Microsoft) were blamed for providing a platform for these online terrorists.

 Luckily, these sites have now banded together to help bring us a safer haven to explore the internet. With this shared database, they can have a tighter grip of security towards the users and they can easily trace the codes and stop or lessen online terrorism.

 The only negative thing about this shared database between Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and YouTube is that these posts are still left in the hands of these individual sites for their own discretion. So if the platforms are not quick enough, this gives a chance for the videos and posts to circulate before being taken down. Nevertheless, their efforts to help stop online terrorism are not overlooked and are given due credit. The sites also urge the users to continuously ne vigilant and help them in battling these online terrorists.

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