'The Flash' Season 3 Latest Spoilers, News & Update: Cisco's Vibe Costume Revealed; Flashpoint Takes Backseat To Savitar! Plot Details, Predictions Revealed

By Brynn B. , Updated Dec 06, 2016 06:48 AM EST

The big crossover ended with the defeat of the Dominators, but in "The Flash" Season 3, much of the episodes for this season had to do with showing how Flashpoint has affected everyone. Barry's decision in the finale of season 2 brought big ramifications to the lives of his friends, and there may be more complications as "The Flash" season 3 releases its winter finale.

"The Flash" Season 3 has shown that Earth-1 is getting its own Killer Frost as Dr. Caitlyn Snow continues to get metahuman powers. But "The Flash" season 3 will also feature Cisco embrace more of his metahuman self. Reports say that Cisco will now have his own costume, and based on the photos taken during the shooting, Vibe will be donning a red, black and yellow leather suit.

Meanwhile, Andrew Keisberg that starting in the winter finale "The Flash" Season 3 will be focusing on other issues besides Flashpoint, particularly with Savitar. The god of motion has already appeared in a couple of episodes of "The Flash" season 3, the team is yet to find out what exactly the speedster wants.

Events in the ninth episode of "The Flash" Season 3 will reveal how much of a threat Savitar is, and the team will realize how powerful their new opponent is, and that it will require all of their abilities and wits to defend their world.

The winter finale of "The Flash" Season 3 will also be the Christmas episode; so, fans of the show should expect tears and heightened emotions for the ninth episode. With Christmas coming, Cisco will realize it will be the first time he will spend the holidays without brother Dante, who was affected by Flashpoint, this may drive further the wedge between Barry and Cisco.

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