'Grand Theft Auto 6' News, Updates: 'GTA 6' Slated To Be Released, Experienced By Year 2020

By Maris L , Updated Dec 06, 2016 06:14 PM EST

"Grand Theft Auto" franchise has been really successful. Even until now, Vice City and San Andreas are still a big hit for gamers who liked role-playing on a virtual city, doing whatever they want like robbing in banks, stealing luxurious cars, shooting at enemies with various guns, and also rescuing people to earn money.

Now, news about patches gained by "Grand Theft Auto 4" has already hit the gaming community. After six years, finally, the game received its first patch, with a total of eleven things checked on the said patchlist that is also now being featured at Attack of the Fan Boy. One of those included in the list is about the solved problem of the alleged crashing of a drawlist overflow.

But, Game Spot reported that the compatibility of the game to PC's particular Windows operating systems may result to a bit of problems in the performance of such game.

And, just recently, news circulated around that "Grand Theft Auto 6" says the game version is now under developing stage already! And guess what? This will possibly be released by year 2020. Just roughly four years from now, though. But after all, it'll be worth the wait for GTA fans out there, thirsty for more crazy adventures and challenges.

Jobs & Hire reported that Rockstar Games has readied for this next franchise of the game. And it promised that it will be a lot better than the fifth installment of GTA. What does "a lot better" meant by Rockstar? It furthered that there will be a lot of places to explore more, much wider than the virtual world existed in GTA 5. Pretty good!

Whether it may have further problems in the future, Rockstar has been a mouth to promises on improving each of the upcoming games, so that every player would really be hooked, engrossed, and would really live in the game.

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