Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date, News & Update: Samsung Variant February 2017 Release Date Pushed Back? Battery Problem Solved

By Daniel Flores , Updated Dec 06, 2016 10:04 AM EST

Avid Samsung fans are still waiting for the next flagship to arrive in February next year with the Korean company recently developing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. However, there are news that Samsung may delay the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and considering an August 2017 release.

August Release For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

According to rumors, Samsung is having an August 2017 release for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and will not have a dual release with the company's own Samsung Galaxy S8 in February. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 August release date will also coincide with the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, Spain, thus making the Samsung flagship a special event for MWC audience.

With that said, the Korean company is making a risky move despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco is still fresh from the memories of consumers. Whether an August 2017 reveal is underway or not, Samsung needs to secure the consumers that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will not have the same incident as the former model did.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Mystery Solved

In other news, the Korean company unraveled the cause why the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 former model explodes upon charging. The Korean independent research company laboratory Instrumental, has conducted a research why the Samsung flagship explodes and the results are astounding.

The reason behind the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion is due to the fact that Samsung has made a risky design decision with the handheld model. In an effort to provide more for the said model, the tolerances between the battery and the phone chassis were less than the ideal design.

This lead to the battery being compressed with the phone chassis during charging, resulting the polymer that separates the plates deteriorate causing the both positive and negative touching each other and explode. With that in mind, Samsung may learn a thing or two with the detailed research and will most likely not continue to feature that in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

With the year ending, it seems that February will be here shortly and Samsung may want to develop another ingenious plan to make the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 a success. For more Samsung Galaxy Note 8 news and update stay tuned to Gamenguide!

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