‘Groot & Rocket Raccoon’ Spinoff Happening? Vin Diesel Talks 'Groot Vs. Hulk' Storyline

By Adelaide Violet , Updated Dec 07, 2016 01:46 AM EST

The beloved "Guardians of the Galaxy" characters Groot and Rocket Raccoon may have their own spinoff film according to Vin Diesel. The actor teased the solo movie could tackle the "Groot vs. Hulk" storyline.

Vin Diesel, who voices both Old Groot and Baby Groot in the two "Guardians of the Galaxy" movies, expressed his interest to see his character venture on a solo project in the future. Diesel said he would love to see a "Groot & Rocket Raccoon" spinoff happen after the "Avengers: Infinity War" films.

However, to see a "Groot & Rocket Raccoon" spinoff actually happen would depend on James Gun. Vin Diesel said that if the "Guardians of the Galaxy" director would have his way, then the solo movie could definitely happen.

"I think if it's up to James Gunn, you are going to see a Groot and Rocket movie after Infinity War. I think that's highly possible," Vin Diesel said in an interview with Screen Junkies.

Vin Diesel stretched this expectation by adding a possible storyline for the "Groot & Rocket Raccoon" spinoff. He said the solo movie could tackle the battle between Groot and Hulk or the "Groot vs. Hulk" story.

If James Gunn ever decides to take up on Vin Diesel's idea, then it would be the first movie adaptation of the "Groot vs. Hulk" battle. This fight first made it on screen in the animated "Marvel's The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes," in an episode titled "Michael Korvac." The fight saw Groot lift Hulk and smash him to the ground. The fight did not end well for Groot since Hulk decapitated him.

Regardless, it would not be up to James Gunn and Vin Diesel to make the "Groot & Rocket Raccoon" spinoff happen. Kevin Feige would have to agree to the solo movie, after all he is the president of Marvel Studios.

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