‘The Sims 4’ Latest News & Update: Leaked Game Files Tease New Vampire Characters, New Game World

By RG Ferrer , Updated Dec 07, 2016 05:00 AM EST

Avid "The Sims 4" gamers may soon have a new character type added to Electronic Arts' life simulation game. Latest news hint of the potential addition of vampires, as well as a new world to the game.

Vampire Sims were already introduced in previous "The Sims" game versions such as "The Sims 3: Supernatural" DLC. Many gamers were hoping that the said supernatural beings will be included in the "The Sims 4" when it first came out. However, game developers only added normal Sims and alien Sims.

More than a year after Electronic Arts released "The Sims 4," vampire Sims may soon return to the popular life simulation game. Game files included in the Dec. 1 patch update contained hidden codes that pertained to vampires and a new game pack, according to the fansite Sims Community.

Vampire-related icons that included an image of what appears to be twin vampire babies were discovered. Several codes also hinted of special vampire skills, powers, as well as a separate perk system.

One of the perks may even allow vampire Sims to go out during daytime. An "Occult Powers Panel" for the new "The Sims 4" characters will also be added, including a special power matrix with various categories.

Moreover, vampire Sims will also have the power to disguise themselves to hide their occult skin color. A part-vampire baby Sim can also be created by a normal Sim and vampire Sim pair. However, the part-vampire baby's skin may inherit 50 percent of its supernatural parent's occult skin color.

Apart from vampires, the hidden codes also contained a placeholder for an upcoming game pack. Similar to some of the previous "The Sims 4" DLCs, a new game world may be introduced that will be around the same size as Granite Falls introduced in "The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat."

In other news, game developers recently deployed a patch to fix a glitch in "The Sims 4: Get Together" DLC's club system. The update addressed the issue where club points previously displayed zero values, according to patch notes posted on the game's forum.

The patch also fixed the bug where Sims who occupied the seventh and eighth slots of a club were evicted. Additionally, purchased club perks will no longer be missing from the club panel.

"The Sims 4" latest patch was released on Dec. 6, Thursday. Learn more about the game's "Get Together" DLC in the clip below:

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