'Final Fantasy XV' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Want to Level Up Quick? Kill A Cactuar

By MJ Dailo , Updated Dec 07, 2016 07:54 AM EST

With all the hype surrounding the highly awaited "Final Fantasy XV," gamers are hoping to get the most out of the beloved Square Enix game. In order to level up fast, players are killing Cactuars to gain a lot of experience points early in the game.

Earning Experience Points In "Final Fantasy XV"

According to Game Rant, the world of "Final Fantasy" is known for its quirky and unique creatures and "Final Fantasy XV" is not any diferent. One of the popular creatures of "Final Fantasy XV" is a Cactuar, which is a dancing cactus that low-level characters kill. This is ideal for those starting "Final Fantasy 15" because once defeated, the Cactuar can reward players with a lot of experience points. This will allow players to level up quickly.

Where To Find Cactuars in "Final Fantasy XV"

In "Final Fantasy XV," Cactuars can be found around Leide, although they are quite rare. In addition, there are three types of Cactuars called the Cactuar, Slactuar, and the Gigantuar. To find Cactuars and Slactuars, players can head west of Hammerhead in order to reach Leide. They can also be found near Duscae, which is near an enemy base. Finding Cactuars, Slactuars, and Gigantaurs will help players level up early in the game.

However, "Final Fantasy XV" players should not always expect such creatures to be present. The best way to increase the likelihood of Cactuars appearing is through the use of the summoning whistle, which will bring several kinds of enemies. Also, it is advisable to search for Cactuars early in the morning as they spawn around 5 a.m if they want to level up. As for Gigantuars, players will not find them in the same places as Cactuars and Slactuars. Instead, Gigantuars suddenly appear during hunts.

Killing Cactuars in "Final Fantasy XV"

When players encounter Cactuars, the best way to level up is to defeat them with Daggers and Guns. However, gamers will have to be fast as Cactuars move away quickly. To counter this, players can utilize the Wait Mode, which will allow them to stall an encounter in order to better designate movements. Spells such as Thunder and Ice are also recommended for taking down Cactuars in "Final Fantasy XV." Meanwhile, Cactuars are resistant to fire spells so it is not advisable to use those while killing such creatures.

By defeating Cactuars, "Final Fantasy XV" gamers can definitely level up as the creatures bring valuable rewards. Aside from experience points, players can also gain new weapons and objects as Cactuars drop them when killed, according to IGN. With that, killing Cactuars in "Final Fantasy 15" is definitely worth it.

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