Nintendo Mini NES Classic Latest News & Updates: US, UK Stock Details Revealed; Mini NES Alternatives Available Including RetroN 5, Retro Freak

By Ivan M. , Updated Dec 07, 2016 06:36 AM EST

Nintendo Mini NES Classic has sold out yet again and consumers are starting to wonder if the company will ever restock before the holidays. Concerns coming from interested buyers are growing as the device is nowhere to be found in all retailers across the globe.

It was previously reported that Nintendo has shipped more Nintendo Mini NES Classic to several retailers including Urban Outfitters. However, the retailer's website made an announcement that the highly popular Nintendo Mini NES Classic is now sold out. Now, fans are left disappointed wondering when the next shipment will happen.

Several tech fans from Europe are also getting worried as no report has come out suggesting if the Nintendo Mini NES Classic will be shipped there in the coming days. Apparently, Urban Outfitters in U.K. does not have the console as the decision to stock the device is limited only to the US.

According to the latest report, the Nintendo Mini NES Classic appears to have also been sold out at Toys R Us after it was announced that the retailer will sell the console a few days ago. There was also a report coming from the Stock Informer that Nintendo Mini NES Classic was available at the store on Saturday, and again early yesterday. However, it appears that its limited stock did not meet the demand of consumers who continue to flock stores looking for the console.

Meanwhile, there are reports saying that Amazon Italy will more stock of Nintendo Mini NES Classic this coming December 12. Fans from Europe are hoping that the retailer will have enough to cover the demand.

As of the moment, fans are looking for alternatives to Nintendo Mini NES Classic such as Retro Freak, The RetroN 5 from Hyperkin, Mini SEGA Genesis, or any video game console from Sony and Microsoft. However, for fans who are willing to spend more for Nintendo Mini NES Classic, the console is available on Ebay for $200, which is way more than its original retails price of $75. Stay tuned for more news and updates about Nintendo Mini NES Classic.

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