Pandora Premium News & Updates: Strongest Competitor of Spotify and Apple Music Will Release On 2017; Pandora Premium’s Details Unveiled

By Arlene Limsiaco , Updated Dec 07, 2016 11:37 PM EST

Pandora Premium will release next year with its special offer of $10-a month. Pandora is expected to be the Spotify and Apple Music strongest competitor when it comes to music streaming service. Music enthusiasts can expect more from Pandora Premium's service.

Pandora Premium have several great offers in their official release next year including extensive library featuring million of songs, saving music offline, and ad-free streaming. It has smart playlists that allow the users to add similar songs automatically.

Users must be first subscribed to Pandora Premium to get music suggestions in the specific artists and albums. There is an additional button, Autoplay that suggest songs based on the last played. Regarding in its appearance, it has a shiny and clean design which was inspired on Rdio. Thumbs and radio stations and app's color based on the artwork of the music playing are included in the Pandora Premium features.

If Spotify is for music lovers, Pandora Premium is aimed fairly at music listeners. "If you think about the solutions that have been offered to date, they've essentially been on-demand, we really don't believe that's the right answer -- you see all the symptoms of a product that's not meeting peoples' needs yet," CEO Tim Westergren said when asked if the new product will be something that everyone has never seen before.

Pandora Premium aimed to give more dynamic in making playlists. It has one of the largest music charts among streaming apps with major labels and world's largest independent label organization, the Merlin. As what Engadget reported, to those users who liked the Pandora's Internet radio service songs, the upcoming service will take all the user's history into account so that the user will get songs recommendation on the new Premium tier.

Pandora Premium is expected to launch in the first few months next year and will offer $10 a month. However, there is still no official announcement from the company regarding the final pricing and the specific release date of their new updated service.

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