'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Guide: How to Use Same Type Attack Bonus or STAB Technique in Game

By Ara , Updated Dec 09, 2016 10:39 AM EST

The Stab Technique have long been practiced in almost every Pokemon game that long-time players already know this by heart. But for gamers who are playing the game for the first time, the Same Type Attack Bonus is a technique that gives great bonus damage so its worth taking time to learn it.

What is the STAB or Same Type Attack Bonus?

The idea of this technique is to use a type of move that is categorized in the same type as the Pokemon. By using this technique, the player get deal bonus damage of up to 50%. It is a very effective technique when done properly even in some of the biggest fights in"Pokemon Sun and Moon" including the first few trials in the game.

How to Use the STAB Technique in "Pokemon Sun and Moon"?

The easiest way to learn the STAB technique is to apply it when using the starters in the game. For instance, Rowlett will start with two moves, Leafage and Tackle. Leafage is intended for grass Pokemon while Tackle is for normal Pokemon. Rowlett is categorized as a flying/grass Pokemon. So this means, Rowlett is most effective when he used the Leafage attack and will have 50% more damage bonus when used.

For players who chose Popplio, the Water Gun attack is the recommended move while Litten is best with Ember. And as these Pokemon level up and learn new skills, players just need to keep at least 2 moves of the same category to be able to use the technique until later in the game.

When is the Only Time the STAB Technique Will Not Work?

The only time a STAB technique will not work is when the move itself is designed to lower the target's attack without causing any damage to the rival Pokemon. Moreover, moves that are made to damage a specific amount of number will not have any damage bonus either. An example of this is Gastly and its Night Shade move. This move is designed to create damage in the same amount of the damage the opponent Pokemon throws at it so it is not applicable for the technique.

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