‘Five Night’s At Freddy’s Sister Location’ Latest News & Update: Surprise Cut Scene Revelations Two Purple Guys, Springtrap Identity Revealed?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 07, 2016 02:44 PM EST

Big revelations for “Five Night’s at Freddy’s: Sister Location” has been made by Scott Cawthon and much of this may be hinted via that last “Golden Freddy Mode” cutscene. From the looks of it, Mike could actually be “Springtrap” and not the “Purple Guy” which most may have been expecting.

For those who haven’t seen the video, it seems that the “Five Night’s at Freddy’s: Sister Location” Golden Freddy cutscenes explain a lot on Michael. The protagonist talks about the animatronics mistaking him as their father.

Aside from that, Michael is bent on freeing his sister even as Ennard escapes the area. From here, Michael may have nothing else to do before that startling change involving Springtrap. The transition shows Springtrap appearing carrying Michael’s voice with a bit of robotic accent. So is this a big twist for “Five Night’s at Freddy’s: Sister Location”?

If so, this could be a big turning point on “Five Night’s at Freddy’s: Sister Location”. All along, most were focused on the Purple Guy though there could be actually two lurking in the facility. Scott Cawthon confirmed via the Steam Discussion thread that the Sister Location Custom Night scenes are canon, providing a batter detail on the background of the Purple Guy.

For those unaware, one of the Purple guys is believed to be William Afton who was experimenting and murdering children as mentioned in a previous post. As for “Mike”, he reportedly became animatronic when Ennard used his skin to escape.

Hence, there could be two Purple guys in the mix, William Afton, and Mike. If so, this could account for a very twisting storyling for “Five Night’s at Freddy’s: Sister Location”.

Based on the series of events, it seems to point more at Mike (or Michael) as Springtrap, placing Afton in the clear. It seems a bit tricky with Afton’s background and the best way to find out is play "Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location" and find out for yourself.

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