'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Second Generation 100 Pokemon Is Official & Details Will Be Revealed This Month

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 08, 2016 08:43 PM EST

"Pokemon Go" is officially bringing the second generation Pokemon in it. The second generation Pokemon, which were previously data mined by SilphRoad, the dedicated Pokemon team, including Ditto finally made their predictions and theories come true.

Now, these new Pokemon will be released as a huge update in December and this also includes the sponsored establishments such as Starbucks and McDonalds to be hot spots for Pokemon and bonuses. All of these will prove as an incentive for trainers and players to go out and stock up on their Pokeballs to capture a new set of Pokemon. Ditto is the foundation of all these new Pokemon coming in "Pokemon Go."

Pokemon with PokeStops and the wave of players

Ever since Niantic Labs announced the teaser about new Pokemon coming in "Pokemon Go," players cannot stop to stock up items and Pokeballs to get their hands on the rare Pokemon lurking just outside their homes. Together with the Nearby feature that gives players hints on the whereabouts of Pokemon see within a radius, this feature helps when these new Pokemon are released.

Based on the post from Wired, the details will be revealed this December 12, regarding this new generation. However, the last paragraph of the said post reveals that "Pokemon Gold and Silver" generation Pokemon are not yet announced.

Everybody loves Starbucks....and bonuses

Starbucks, the famous shop that everyone knows, will be a PokeStop. Yes, every Starbucks shop will be a PokeStop. So, next time players go out and get some streaks and bonuses from PokeStops, they might as well have to consider going to their coffee shop and buy a latte or two.

Jokes aside, the official major update will be revealed in a few days by Niantic Labs. Until then, trainers should be ready in "Pokemon Go" and they might have a chance to encounter a rare one that is worth keeping and strengthening.

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