'Street Fighter V' Season Two DLC Characters Possibly Uncovered

By Doods , Updated Dec 08, 2016 10:51 AM EST

"Street Fighter V" fans are already speculating about which new characters are joining the roster by 2017. Unlike the first season DLC characters that were reportedly revealed before their official announcement, the 2017 DLC roster remains a mystery. Gamers are taking a closer inspection at the character silhouettes trying to piece together who are joining the cast.

A tweet was reportedly sent to EventHubs and details each of the possible 2017 season DLC characters. The message claims to match the different outlines with characters featured in Capcom's CFN Portal site. Street Fighter V director Takayuki Nakayama previously announced that the five upcoming fighters are "brand new to the Street Fighter universe." The following rumors appear to be possible, but have not been officially confirmed by Capcom.

"Street Fighter V" speculated season 2 characters

 The first character is suspected to be Helen. She has already appeared in the cinematic story mode of the game. Her entry appears to be possible since she plays a big role in Nash's revival and is eventually shown serving Gill as her alter ego Kolin.

The second silhouette is rumored to be Goutetsu. He is the master of Akuma and Gouken and is described to be an expert with weapons. The master is also the founder of Ansatsuken, which is the martial art used by Street Fighter mainstays Ryu, Ken and others. He was supposedly murdered by an enraged Akuma using his "Raging Demon" attack.

A Delta Red member is speculated to be the third DLC fighter. Matthew McCoy appears as a large individual with cybernetic-enhancements. He is reported to be the heavy weapons specialist of their team. His CFN profile also indicates that he holds a built-in special weapon on his right arm.

Our fourth character might be Satsuki. She is one of the experimental dolls commanded by M. Bison. She was also featured in the game's Story mode and could be playable in some parts. She appears to be skilled ninja and keeps her identity secret with a mask.

The last DLC character could be Luke. The character was supposed to be one of the characters in Capcom's cancelled fighting game "Capcom Fighting All-Stars." His CFN profile describes him as a fighter who prefers to use kicks.

The "Street Fighter V" season 2 DLC is set to release in December. Akuma is the first fighter to join the cast to welcome the 2017 season of the game.

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