Spotify Application Will Face A New Competitor From Pandora

By Mara Rev , Updated Dec 08, 2016 06:00 AM EST

The age of streaming is now! Streaming is not only limited to movies and other videos, but streaming service can also be used with music. Music lovers are using a number of applications that allows them to listen to music, and Spotify is one of the most popular applications.

Experts already anticipated the rise of audio streaming service ever since the year 2000, and the presence of several services now proves that. Spotify, however, is on the rise. The streaming service has a standard service that is free. Although free users only have the option of listening to music while connected to the Internet, Spotify also offers offline services where users can play music without being connected to the Internet as long as the song is saved in a playlist. The offline service is available for Spotify premium users. Aside from the offline feature, Spotify premium users can also listen to songs without advertisement.

Streaming and downloading music is so popular now that there are a number of artists who have their songs in a format that is easier to stream and to download. Spotify is a platform that will let you do that, and with its growing popularity, there are a number of companies who have made applications that will rival Spotify. And, that's just what Pandora did. It's no secret that Pandora was planning to launch a full-fledged competitor to Spotify, and they finally did. The application is called Pandora Premium.

The application, just like Spotify, offers on-demand access to a massive collection of music and songs. According to Pandora CEO Tim Westergren, "If you think about the solutions that have been offered to date, they've essentially been on-demand. We really don't believe that's the right answer - you see all the symptoms of a product that's not meeting people's needs yet." Pandora Premium is a mid-tier subscription that offers ad-free subscription at $4.99.

Is Spotify about to face its new competitor so far? Users can try to compare both and see which one fits their music needs the most.


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