‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Latest News & Update: Boost Pokemon Evolution With Elemental Stones; Various Locations Unveiled

By RG Ferrer , Updated Dec 08, 2016 05:58 AM EST

With the vast amount of new and beloved characters, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" gamers have already uncovered many Pokemon creatures and their evolved forms in the Nintendo 3DS game. For newbie players, here is a gaming on how to jumpstart a Pokemon evolution by using elemental stones.

Elemental stones, also known as Evolution stones, have been a staple in-game item in previous installments to the "Pokemon" Nintendo 3DS franchise. For the recently released "Pokemon Sun and Moon," the games Alolan region holds several of these elemental stones. With a little bit of exploration or through in-game purchase, over five stones can be used to evolve specific Pokemon creatures.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" gamers with fire type Pokemon characters can use the Fire Stone to evolve a Growlithe into an Arcanine or an Eevee into a Flareon, according to gaming tips posted on VG247. Found on Akala Island's Diglett Tunnel, Nintendo 3Ds gamers can also opt to purchase the said stone in Konikoni City.

The Pokemon evolution of grass-type creatures can be jumpstarted with the Leaf Stone, while Water Stone can evolve water-type Pokemon characters. Both stones are available for sale also at Konikoni City although the Leaf Stone can also be acquired via Poke Pelago. The Leaf and Water Stones can evolve an Exeggcute into an Exeggcutor and an Eevee into a Vaporeon, respectively.

For the Ice Stone, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" gamers can get it from Po Town as a loot item. With the ability to evolve classic "Pokemon Red and Blue" characters into its new Alolan forms, avid fans can use it jumpstart the Pokemon evolution of Alola Vuplix and Alola Sandshrew.

Meanwhile, the Thunder Stone can found on Akala Island's Dream Park while the said island's Paniola Ranch serves as the location of the Oval Stone. Moreover, the Dust Stone that can evolve ghost-type characters can be found in "Pokemon Sun and Moon's" Poni Wilds beach area, as well as the Malie Community Center's Flea Market.

In other news, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" gamers can get a special Munchlax as a free gift from Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. Equipped with special abilities and a Z-Move, players who purchased the game can download the said Pokemon for free.

The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Munchlax gift is available for download until Jan. 11, 2017. Learn more abou the said Nintendo 3DS game in the clip below:

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