‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ News & Update: Game’s Hacked Version Boosts Difficulty Level; Carries New Changes! Find Out Here!

By Staff Reporter , Updated Dec 08, 2016 08:57 AM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" has been dubbed as the hardest "Pokemon" game. With that, a GTA Temp user named Kobazco hacked the game made an edited version of it that will boost the difficulty level of the title to the extreme called "Pokemon Rising Sun and Waning Moon."

The hacked version of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" would make Trial Captains and Kahunas have teams of six Pokemon, according to Kotaku. The game's level curve is also now changed and the team could be in the high 70s or low 80s at the end of the elite 4.

Players can also train Pokemon that is rarely seen in Alola in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" hacked version. Gladion now appears to be Owain from Fire Emblem while Moveset editing now begins and Butterfree has changed.

Also, Youngster Joey now has a top percent Rattata in the hacked version of "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Lastly, players are now allowed to fight the entire Battle Tree exclusive trainers even if it is outside the Battle Tree while in the post game.

Gaming Reinvented added that users of the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" hacked version are also entitled to have few extra bonus. This is because the gamers' entire adversary from the Battle Tree can now face the characters of Wally and Cynthia in normal combats.

Although the hacked version of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is evidently harder compared to other "Pokemon" games, it improved a lot better. It now suits gamers who love difficult challenges. In fact, with its difficulty, the game's creator themselves revealed that the also shut down several times while testing the title.

Meanwhile the hack version of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" won't give the players more monsters to reach a higher level. The game's creator confirmed that these entities also come with perfect IVs that mean they, too, carry great statistics just like the players.

These monsters, too, are edited in the hacked version of "Pokemon Sun and Moon." "Good luck to anyone who wants to Nuzlocke this," Kobazco warned the players.

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