‘Final Fantasy XV’ Guide: How To Get The Flying Regalia Type F? More Game Cheats, Tips & Tricks Revealed!

By Muhammad Firman Akhsanu Ridho , Updated Dec 08, 2016 08:22 AM EST

In "Final Fantasy XV," players will have various means of transportation to your vast world - such as Regalia or the Chocobos. However, players can also fly through the world of Eos. Unlike the ships in the other games in the series, Regalia Type F of "Final Fantasy XV" is optional.

Players can finish the story without even unlocking this flying car. The possibility of getting it comes near the end of the game. Players do not have to finish the story to unlock it actually, and it makes travel between different zones much easier in "Final Fantasy XV," until players do, players will have to explore on foot, and maybe this trick to sprint endlessly while completing Side Quests and Hunts.

How to unlock Regalia Type F in 'Final Fantasy XV'

To unlock Regalia Type F, "Final Fantasy XV" players must release three Imperial bases. Two of them are part of the main story, and winning AP and EXP will be very important for third base. This is where players will win two important items, the Warped Wings and the Unstable Stabliser. Players need a third one, which you can look up from Fort Garrison. After players release the bases, they will receive an alert on a Side Quest on this base.

The base is optional and very difficult, the game recommends level 46 but we advise you to be at a higher level, since the two final opponents appear at levels 51 and 49. These two giant mechs in "Final Fantasy XV" appear at the end, and although it is possible to use the Weapons assembled, reward have a high level. Once players have finished cleaning the base, pick up the Strange Engine and the other two items and hand them over to Cindy, who will upgrade players car. Therefore, it can fly!

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