PlayStation 4 Release Date, Specs, Games, Price, Tech: Day One Update Won’t Arrive in Game Disc, Dev Kits Similar to Retail Units

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Nov 11, 2013 10:22 AM EST

With the upcoming release of Sony’s next generation PlayStation 4 console right around the corner, the day one update for the console is one of the most basic things all the fans who pre-ordered the console will look forward to. Now, there’re some new details revealed related to this update that points to the fact that the update will not be arriving on disc, and that there’s no difference between dev kits for the console and retail units.

The new details regarding the same was revealed via Kenny Linder, who was previously a part of Sony UK, and is currently working on a launch title for both next gen consoles.

Answering a query where it was asked on NeoGaf if “we know for certain that games don't have a 'day one' update on the disc,” Linder wrote: “I worked on a launch game for Xbox One (and PS4) and there is no FW update on our disc. The game was finished before the FW, they will still be finishing up with it.”

Linder also went ahead to state as to why the retail games don’t contain the day one patch, by writing: “No, because they are submitted before the final OS is ready.”

Heading next to the topic of the basic differences between the dev kit for the console and the retail unit for the same, Linder confirmed that both of them are “identical.”

“Yep, identical. The devkits don't even have any more RAM than retail consoles, most unusual,” he wrote. And while this may mean that retail PS4 units could eventually act as debug units like the Xbox One, fans will still have to play the waiting game to find out the actual differences although it has also been stated that the graphical performance of titles will be identical between the dev kits and retail units.

As far as Microsoft’s own Xbox One is concerned, Linder confirmed that Microsoft is aiming at working hard to make sure that its own day one Xbox One update’s set-up works out as smoothly as possible.

Speaking regarding the same while taking the Wi-fi set-up for the console into consideration, Linder wrote: “The Wii U was s*** at launch because of: WiFi issues - took many users a long time to set up as it was broken. On-screen notifications - Telling you it had downloaded, how much, time outs etc. Download speed - Awful speeds meant it took forever.”

“The same won't be the case with the Xbox One. MS are a software company and they'll be working hard to ensure this is a smooth process. I am actually more concerned that PSN will fall spart when I am downloading the 300mb update.”

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is currently scheduled to release on Nov. 15 in North America and Nov. 29, 2013 in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

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