Rift Song of Dreams Update 2.5 is Live

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Nov 12, 2013 10:31 AM EST

There’s more new information to follow up on the massively popular MMORPG title RIFT from Trion Worlds that recently went free-to-play. The developer has released an update for the game that offers new content for the game, detailed here.

Called Rift 2.5 Song of Dreams, the new update offers a brand new mini saga called Song of Dreams, alongside Gifts of the Fae, a new Level-60 version of a favorite Telaran instance made available every week.

Apart from all this, the update also offers reduced level requirements for quests and content in Iron Pine Peak, allowing players to level straight from Gloamwood or Stonefield. Also, there are improvements made to the PvP matchmaking, with a new Infinity Gate Dimension, a new Planar Attunement Nexus, International Shards, and more.

Below is the list of features available alongside the update:

Mini-Saga: Song of Dreams: Return to Ember Isle, where expeditions are mysteriously disappearing undersea. Brave madness (and drowning) to discover a new menace to Telara amid the Song of Dreams. Once you hear it, there's no going back!

Gifts of the Fae: Starting Nov. 13, Grandfather Frost unveils a new Level-60 version of a favorite Telaran instance every week, including community-choice Return to Deepstrike, a completely new adventure into the heart of Stonefield.

Iron Pine Peak (27-35): We're thawing the level requirement on quests and content in Iron Pine Peak, the majestic home of the Icewatch. Level your way into the Peak's permanent winter straight from Gloamwood or Stonefield.

Infinity Gate Dimension: Lay claim to the ancient Brevanic Gateway that started it all, and show off with new Dimension items available only from artifact sets scattered throughout Expert dungeons.

Planar Attunement Nexus, PvP Tier 3: Running out of places to spend your Planar Attunement points? Check out new Nature, Cinder, and Storm Nexuses built to combine the best of the existing planes plus PvP Tier 3!

Store Wish Lists: Gifting and receiving loot has never been easier! Send your friends the loot they're looking for and keep a tidy list of all the items, boosts, and mounts you'd love in return.

International Shards: Now you can play in any language regardless of selected region – all game and UI text will automatically display in the language of your choice.

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