BlackBerry Company News & Updates: ‘BlackBerry Secure’ Mobile Security Platform Has Been Released; BlackBerry Upgraded Mobile Apps Coming On 2017?

By Arlene Limsiaco , Updated Dec 09, 2016 07:48 PM EST

As what BlackBerry said that they will stop producing smartphone hardware, and starts focusing on its software, they recently released their upgraded mobile security platform. It was called BlackBerry Secure that manage and secure all the endpoints from Enterprise Of Things.

BlackBerry Secure is mobile security platform for mobile phones, sensors, computers or any mobile technology or simply Internet Of Things. It allows the customer to simply management and lower cost. BlackBerry Secure was also a related service that will combine the recent acquisition of BlackBerry such as Encription, AtHoc, Good Technology, and WatchDox. BlackBerry customers will be able to choose capabilities under the five different suites in BlackBerry BES12 software that meets their needs and payment can be done using the annual subscription model.

Furthermore, BlackBerry was the rebranded software of BlackBerry company. Together with its rebranding, BES12, Good Dynamics, and WatchDox have been renamed. BlackBerry UEM is now the new BES12 that will provide the IT to protect all mobile endpoints. Good Dynamics had its new name under BlackBerry Dynamics as the mobile applications' secure development platform. And lastly, WatchDox became BlackBerry Workspaces that serves as document management platform for business.

In addition, Hackers will have a hard time to breach any data since the BlackBerry Secure strengthens its data encryption. In addition, to boosts, the ability of their security software, BlackBerry had a partnership deal with Microsoft Corporation, Incorporation, and Samsung Electronics Corporation.

As what Marty Beard, BlackBerry Chief Operating Officer said in his conference call, "Blackberry is no longer about the smartphone, but about the smart in the phone and in cars and containers and medical devices and wearables and industrial devices." He also added that BlackBerry Secure was the most comprehensive security platform in combining the Enterprise of Things.

This coming January, BlackBerry company will add more new mobile applications along with BlackBerry Secure such as BlackBerry Work (formerly Good Work), BlackBerry Access (formerly Good Access), BlackBerry Connect (formerly Good Connect), BlackBerry Share (formerly Good Share), BlackBerry Tasks (formerly Good Tasks), and BlackBerry Notes. These new applications will release in the first 10 days of January 2017.

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