"Super Mario Run" Latest News & Update: Nintendo Reveals More Details on the Smartphone Game

By Jyotirupa Sarma , Updated Dec 09, 2016 08:25 AM EST

Nintendo "Super Mario Run" will be released on Dec. 15 and there are more details of the game for game enthusiasts. The creator of "Super Mario" Shigeru Miyamoto revealed some more details about the game in an interview.

Shigeru Miyamoto in his interview with Time has stated that  the game has some new features. Now players can play not just as Mario. But after going through the game and unlocking some things and meeting some conditions the player can play as some other characters too. Although Miyamoto did not name the characters, GameSpot has speculated that these characters are Luigi and Peach.

When Miyamoto was asked whether these other characters will have some unique moves or not he simply replied that unlocking them will give the player more gameplay creativity. Miyamoto added that it will be a fun for "Super Mario run" players as even if he is trying to collect the same group of colored coins, he has to do it in a different way. In the process, the player will explore different aspects of the game.

Nintendo was not planning to bring an existing gameplay to iPhone, Miyamoto noted. Nintendo focused on what would be the best Mario experience  with an iPhone.

Miyamoto was also asked about the limited number of power-ups in "Super Mario Run" in comparison to original series. He answered the question by stating that future games could improve in this area. Mushrooms and superstars are some confirmed power-ups for "Super Mario Run".

"Super Mario Run" will be the third mobile game by Nintendo in 2016. It is free to download but the gamers have to pay $10 to unlock all the content. In an interview with CNet, when Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime was asked about Super Mario Run on Apple TV, he said they have not thought about such application till now. He added that the game is developed for smartphone screen and to play in that type of experience.

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