'Pewdiepie': YouTube Celebrity, Finally Have 50M Subscribers & Promises To Delete His Channel To Start Anew? A Stand Against Criticism & Slander

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 09, 2016 11:07 AM EST

"Pewdiepie" posted a video on YouTube talking about how the YouTube industry is having problems on their own, which might have affected his channel. Now, the video that he posted talks about it and plans to delete his channel once it reaches up to 50 million subscribers. Others doubt that he may be just be click baiting or saying it to gain the target number of subscribers.

Somehow, with the tone of his voice, during the time he said that he wants to start a new channel after he will delete his current YouTube channel. As fans may be heartbroken because "Pewdiepie" strove hard for 8 or more years to achieve where he is right now, other fans think it is for the best.

Starting his new channel and did he really delete current channel?

Every YouTuber seems to get it as well because "Pewdiepie" started a stand against slandering people. These YouTubers may also have something to say about what is happening here and there in YouTube. Regarding the rashness of that decision to delete the channel, it would be hard because that is the treasure that a YouTuber can use to connect with the viewers. However, if that new channel will be available, then it would be another start, a fresh one to empty out those toxic in the community and let in the good things.

Other than that, "Pewdiepie" posted another video about Red, a charity program to help those people with AIDS, and Cringemas together with Markiplier and Jacksepticeye. After that, he talked about hate comments, which he usually encounters. However, articles that point swords at him are emerging. A lot of racist comments, hate comments, and other comments that hurt anyone's feelings from the articles he read. Hopefully, everything will go well just like before, with freedom of expression without criticisms. Though he was sarcastic about, this is one lesson that people should just respect each other.

As people say, the higher you are, the more people will bring you down. He clearly kills those haters at the last part of the video. Good job, Pewds. 


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