'Half-Life 3' Release Date, Latest News & Update: Valve Preparing for Full VR Support? 2017 Launch Date Expected; Details Revealed

By Astrid Cho , Updated Dec 10, 2016 05:33 AM EST

Valve is suspiciously silent these days. There has been no update regarding the "Half-Life" franchise for several months. On the other hand, new reports suggest that the reason behind the deafening silence is due to the strenuous preparations to deliver "Half-Life 3" with full virtual reality support.

Rumors about the highly anticipated "Half-Life 3" release date are revolving online and the latest reports indicate that Valve is currently working on a title that will support virtual reality. According to the reports, the developer is hard at work to ensure that they will deliver the expectations of fans, particularly in terms of virtual reality.

VR support is a feature that needs a lot of time and effort to be pulled off successfully. It is speculated that Valve is still keeping the "Half-Life 3" release date out of the picture since the team is not yet ready to provide a solid trailer. If the rumors are true, fans can expect that announcements will not be made in the upcoming months or so.

Other reports on the "Half-Life 3" release date suggest that a 2017 launch may not be possible. It took almost six years for Valve to produce "Half-Life 2." However, it has already been more than a decade since the sequel's release in 2004. Until now, the developer has not announced any developments for "Half-Life 3."

Most fans believe that a 2018 "Half-Life 3" release is highly possible as Valve will be celebrating the franchise's 20th anniversary during the said year. Since the developer has not responded to the rumors of a 2018 launch, some critics recommend that speculations be taken with a grain of salt for now. Also, some experts believe that news about the full VR support feature coming to the "Half-Life" universe may be far from reality.

Should "Half-Life 3" be announced soon, fans can expect a whole new gaming experience that could be worth the long wait. Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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