‘Pokémon and Moon’ News & Update: Data Miner Exposed Hidden Details in the Game; Marshadow, Ash-Pikachu and Mew are Coming?

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Dec 09, 2016 09:10 PM EST

Data miners just would not leave "Pokemon Sun and Moon" alone. This may be quite understandable though since the game is still fresh, barely three weeks in the market. Thus, many people want to know its secrets and everything.

As a result of the non-stop data mining, many "Pokemon Sun and Moon" secrets have been unlocked recently. In turn, the discoveries were leaked online and the information could be useful as the game progress.

One data miner called rusyaeffy, uploaded a video showing all the things he just uncovered in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." He shared at least seven secrets in all and each one is an interesting find. Below is a summary of details shared by the data miner:

Some kind of Mew event might be coming up in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." The possible appearance of Mew was discovered when an item labeled Mewnium Z was detected in the files during the data mining work. It was said that this can make the Psychic move more powerful but it also likely that this is also be a reference to Psychic Pokemon.

Ash-Pikachu was also spotted by data miners in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game. This could be a new form of Pikachu that wears Ash's hats and gives off a unique cry.

In addition, there could be a fourth type of enemy. When an enemy sees you in the game, a soundtrack will automatically play prior to the start of a battle. As said by data miner rusyaeffy, this type of soundtrack have the keyword "eye" in the name.

There are four types of soundtracks in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" and they are: regular trainer soundtrack, team skull soundtrack, Aether foundation soundtrack and the last one has no name. The data miner stated that whatever the unnamed item is, it seems like a placeholder for a 4th type of enemy encounter.

Files for trainer Lillie and Mohn were also found by "Pokemon Sun and Moon" data miners. Lillie in both regular and Z form has her own models in Pokemon trainer folder, however there is no animation.

Lastly, judging by the texture given to her, it seems that she was intended to be a challenge since the beginning. Another character called Mohn has a file as well. But unlike Lillie, his models have some animation and texture that are direct copies of his overworld counterpart.

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