'Pokémon Sun and Moon’ Latest News, Tips, Tricks & Update: Perfect 6IV Ditto Guide Revealed

By Allan , Updated Dec 09, 2016 06:42 PM EST

Since transferring Pokemon into "Pokemon Sun and Moon" from the previous version of the game is still not possible, getting a Perfect 6 IV Ditto is only possible when it's found within the game. Although finding it in the game isn't easy at all, there is a way to greatly increase the chances of having one and that is exactly what this guide is all about.

Items Needed to Find a Perfect 6 IV Ditto

First and foremost, trainers must have already hatched 20 eggs before they can do this trick. Then players must go with the game until they finish the game and become the champion of Alola Region. Once that is done, just go to Poni Island and look for the Battle Tree to talk with the IV Judge.

Then before heading to the next step, trainers must make sure they have Leppa Berries, Scales and all the Poke Balls a player can buy as catching a Perfect Ditto will be very challenging. And don't forget to bring a lot of Adrenaline Orbs and Smoke Ball as well. For players who have no Smoke Ball, it can be found in Ula'ula Island's Po Town.

How to Get A Perfect 6 IV Ditto in "Pokemon Sun and Moon"

Once the player have everything ready, it's time to look for a Ditto in Route 10. And when the trainer do find it, just use a Pokemon that knows the move Recycle and get Ditto's HP down to 1 while holding a Leppa Berry and Adrenaline Orb. Then players will need to have a Pokemon that knows the move Trick or Switcheroo to get the Leppa Berry from one Pokemon to the wild Ditto then encourage it to call for help by draining its HP to 1. Make sure to keep track of the Ditto that arrives and when the player reach the number 30, catch the one that comes after it. Of course to do that, the trainer will have to KO the first Ditto.

The next step is to look for the IV judge and have the Pokemon checked for its IV. If unsatisfied, just repeat the ad infintum until the trainer finds the perfect 6 IV Ditto. Its not easy but it's the only way to increase the chances of catching the right Ditto.

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