Rumors Abound for Next Halo: ‘Fake’ Game Leak Says Master Chief Has Gone Rogue, Boasts Biggest Number of Vehicles

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Nov 19, 2013 10:58 AM EST

Another day, another leak. Or is it? True or false, it seems like a boatload of information has been released related to the upcoming Halo for Xbox One. Although the list of information has been straightaway tagged as a “fake,” there are a few details in that list which are quite interesting and might turn out to be true.

While the list may be a bit old (read: June 27, 2013), the details within are as thrilling as ever, despite its age. The list surfaced only recently, courtesy of the watchful eyes of the guys at SCIFIED.

Interestingly enough, the points outlined in the list were said to be in "prototype" phase, and that a lot of them could change before the game is actually finished.

Posted over at Pastebin and directed via a post on NeoGAF, the list shows some exciting details about how the Chief is supposed to go rogue in the new storyline and that there will be even more guns to choose from in this edition of Halo for the Xbox One.

It was revealed via the list that the in-game campaign has been planned to be to be 3-5 times longer than Halo 4, and rather than following a linear trajectory, the game is going open-world. Master Chief now has his own ship that he can use to travel to different planets.

As many as eight planets have been planned with each having “several regions with main objectives and several side missions,” according to the post, and is similar to the Wings of Liberty or Dawn of War 2 campaigns.

The new Halo is also said to offer a boatload of vehicles, the number of which has drastically increased compared to the previous Halo titles. “Warthog (classic, rocket, gauss), Scorpion and yes the Grizzly will be in, Mammoth, upgraded Mantis, more Halo Wars vehicles like rhino, wolverine, cobra, hornets, falcons, vultures,” the post adds.

In addition to that, the Chief’s own ship is said to have the ability to store a limited number of vehicles with Chief himself being treated to more weapons in the campaign mode compared to Halo 4, including dropped “alien” weapons.

It has also been stated that the new Halo will be the first title ever “to showcase true power of cloud processing. Massive battles with 100s of AI (calculated by the cloud); massive worlds with dynamic weathher and global lighting (all done in cloud).”

And that “this will need an always online connection (you don’t need a powerful connection, those data packets are really small).”

The list is massive and you can check it out here. As of now, we are yet to receive any confirmed details, let alone a probable release date for the next Halo.

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