Guild Wars 2 News: Fractured Update Now Live, Offers Time Travel [VIDEO]

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Nov 27, 2013 09:49 AM EST

ArenaNet and NCsoft has announced that its popular MMORPG title Guild Wars 2 has now received a brand new update called Fractured, which brings on a host on content, including challenges for the bravest combatants, as well as time travel, hence the name of the update, which is derived from the fact that the update brings along a new fractal that enables players to explore events from the past.

As the official description for the update suggests, the new Fractured update will allow players to explore great moments of flashes “from Tyria’s past and test your battle skills in this never-ending chain of dungeons that become more and more challenging the farther you go! Begin your battle through time and space in this infinitely challenging series of dungeons!”

In total, there are three new fractals that will be available via the update: “In addition to illuminating the strange circumstances of the Thaumanova Reactor meltdown, you can experience two more historical events thanks to further Fractals research.”

Those historical events are the audacious raids on the Molten Alliance facilities with the Molten Furnace Fractal, and the infiltration of Aetherblade’s old base of villainy with the perfidious Aetherblade Fractal.

The update, apart from offering a boatload of new content, is also meant to adjust the difficulty curve in fractals levels one through 30. Fractals beyond level 30 now have new, special challenges. From now on, the company adds, “Every fractal you enter above fractal level 30 will have a special Mistlock Instability which will add new difficulties to that level, or change the way you and your teammates play within it.”

There are also new gem store items to choose from with the introduction of Flame Armors where players will be offered Flamewrath, Flamekissed, or Flamewalker armors. Obviously, all three armor skins (one for each weight class) will feature vicious fire effects.

Apart from that, there are two new boss fractals. As the company describes: “The Jade Maw of the Solid Ocean Fractal is no longer the only challenge awaiting you when you make it to the end of each set of three fractals!”

“Special boss encounters with the Aetherblade captain Mai Trin and the two Molten Alliance champions from the Molten Facility have been added to the rotation.”

Check out the trailer below to see what the update offers.

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