MacBook Pro Latest News & Update: Apple May Have Messed Up A Little Bit On Its Battery Life Claims

By Arianne Gift , Updated Dec 12, 2016 03:56 AM EST

It's easy to imagine Apple pulling off a this-is-awkward kind of face right now, as news of its false battery life claims is making its rounds on the Internet. The MacBook Pro is supposed to last up to 10 hours, as it should, but testers prove otherwise and have since slammed Apple.

MacBook Pro 2016: Hardly A Perfect 10

The Cupertino company promised battery life of up to 10 hours for the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, as seen on its ads and product specs. To be specific, the MacBook Pro's specification sheet says it offers up to 10 hours wireless web and 10 hours of iTunes movie playback.

Reddit communities don't agree, unfortunately, saying the MacBook Pro averages between three to six hours. A Redditor said that the MacBook Pro's battery life lasted six hours even after decreasing brightness by 50% and "light Safari browsing." This problem exists both in the 13-inch and 15-inch variants.

9to5Mac echoes user complaints as well on a conduced test recently. According to the report, a fully-charged MacBook Pro lasted three hours and 49 minutes, but could stretch for up to six hours.

MacBook Pro Conclusion: What's Up With Your Batteries, Apple?

This isn't the first time Apple messed up over its batteries. To recall, its iPhone 6s batteries were said to be shutting down unexpectedly after a software update. That said, Apple did make a bold claim, and it was such a standout, that most people bypassed the other words attached to "10 hours." To be fair, the ads for the MacBook Pro did say "up to 10 hours." What's below 10 is pretty vague, but at least we've gotten ourselves an answer now, and that's "3 to 6, and pray to reach 10."

Considering this defect, it's undeniable that Apple has created a product so sophisticated, it's pretty easy to spot its flaws. 2016's MacBook Pro is a work of art and deserves a lot of credit, but right now, it's safe to say going near 10 will never happen.

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