'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Episode 8 'Heart Still Beating' News: Rosita Takes Her Shot & What Will Happen To The Fate Of Eugene?

By Anna , Updated Dec 13, 2016 08:04 AM EST

After the premiere episode of "Walking Dead" season 7, where Negan smashed  the head of Abraham. Rosita now is on her own mission that might lead her to her own death. In episode 8 (Heart Still Beating) Negan dropped by unannounced once again and Rosita has the only gun, so if she's gonna pull the trigger, it would an end game for her.

Episode 8 catches up all of the territories including Alexandria, Hilltop Colony, and the Kingdom. According to the report obtained by Independent, Negan made a surprise visit in Alexandria. Everyone can't contain their anger towards Negan, so they are brewing some plans on how to kill him. Father Gabriel, Sasha, Enid, Rosita, and Carl are planning to take him down.

Moreover, Spencer trying to get close to Negan, pouring him some alcohol and shares a drink. Spencer gets little too close to him and tells that Rick is will try to rebel against him and make him announced that Rick will become the new leader. Negan then listened to what Spencer is offering to him but eventually doesn't like what Spencer is trying to point out, iDigitalTimes has reported.

Negan pissed off and sliced Spencer open in front of everyone having a sadist smile. He teases the crowd with Lucille and asks if anyone would like to continue the game. Rosita looked in disgust by what Negan does and couldn't contain the anger to herself, so she grabbed the gun out of her pants and fires towards Negan.

Everyone would be glad if the bullet has pierced through Negan but no. She just shot Lucille, which Negan blow up and ordered one of his men to slice Rosita's face and makes her choose to kill anyone who is a member of Alexandria. Olivia got shot in the head while Rosita has been shot by Eugene. Rick quickly runs over and Negan warns Rick that he's not done with him.

Negan brings Eugene with him and who know what will happen to him. Rosita's death was unpredicted, as fans have thought that it would only be Spencer.

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