'Heroes of the Storm' Latest News & Update: Winter Veil Event Kicks Off This Week

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Dec 12, 2016 08:31 PM EST

Winter Veil event for "Heroes of the Storm" will kick off this Wednesday, December 14th all the way to January 4th next year. Players have to continuously brawl for the next 25 days to ensure two rewards though.

"Heroes of the Storm" requires diligence this season for meaty reward coming to loyal players. Don't shun away from the offer because this season's Winter Veil event is different from the previous rendition. This season, successful players will receive a snowflake portrait and Festive Treasure Goblin, Blizzard Watch announced.

Come to think of it, last year's "Heroes of the Storm" Winter Veil event rewarded the same although mechanics changed a bit this time. Those who earned the Treasure Goblin previously laments after the event because those nasty creatures were gone. This year however, players can keep them permanently.

Further, those who will delve into "Heroes of the Storm" this Winter Veil event will gain an additional of 25% XP. Meaning, even those who can't play straight on 25 days can still enjoy an added bonus. There will be a snow-clad Brawl mode as well although there are no sufficient details yet how this one works.

Here is another Winter Veil event-specific development; special items are available through "Heroes of the Storm" shop for the entire duration. These changes include horrible-looking skins albeit festive attire. GingerDread Nazeebo tops the coveted list due to his added abilities. Think of a character that looks like gingerbread man yet a hybrid of zombie, Battlenet said.

Apart from Nazeebo, "Heroes of the Storm" Winter Veil 2016 bundle also includes Winter Veil Lunara skin and special snowflake mount. Winter Veil Classic bundle is also coming to town which sports Sugar Plum Sylvanas skin. Players will surely enjoy an added twist to Greatfather who will sport Winter Stitches skin plus a Winter Rehgar skin. About the mount, successful players can grab Reign-Deer mount as opposed to snowflake mentioned earlier.

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