'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Nearby, Sightings Features Expands to Several Regions - Niantic

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Dec 12, 2016 08:35 PM EST

"Pokemon Go" expands its Nearby and Sightings feature to several regions, making the monster hunt worthwhile. Developer Niantic made few changes on how these features work and ensured that it is going to cover most of the regions where "Pokemon Go" is strong.

"Pokemon Go" blog post said that they collated several feedbacks, especially coming from regions where there are few PokeStops. These places tend to have fewer Nearby Pokemon sightings so they tweaked the game to make the hunt more productive. Niantic also assured that this data collection is constant and future changes depend on what players themselves feel.

To recall, "Pokemon Go" Nearby feature was introduced in San Francisco area then expanded across several other locations. This happened not just domestically in the United States but other countries as well, GameSpot reported. "Pokemon Go" has also gained more supporters as commercial establishments like Starbucks are sponsoring Gyms and PokeStops.

One notable change that gamers can experience in "Pokemon Go" Nearby sighting is extended period where critters display in the mobile screen. From 15 minutes, the timeframe doubled to 30 minutes. This allowed players to effectively hunt and zero in to Pokemons nearby. The setup also limits the removal of Nearby Pokemons to the time limit itself and walking away at about 700-1000 feet away from them.

Now about "Pokemon Go" Sightings and tracking, players will notice that most monsters pack near PokeStops. Remember to choose the best Pokemon in the vicinity since only one Pokemon can be tracked at any given time. However, it is handy that players can stop tracking any monster if they opt to track another.

"Pokemon Go" Sightings is the second alternative if players live in regions where Nearby isn't available yet. This displays a grid where Pokemons in the area are situated. It seems that "Pokemon Go" made the list random in current game state as opposed to original setup where where those on top of the list are usually the nearest. Meaning, sequential order of Pokemon is not indicative of proximity anymore.

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